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Questions & Answers

Here's a list of our most commonly asked questions. 

Why do I need to have my trash can cleaned?
Although there are many motives to have your trash can cleaned, the most common reason our customers seek our service is to eliminate the unavoidable foul odors that follow along with an unclean can. It is no secret that we are prone to extreme heat that is common here in Texas, which means it is not a matter of IF but WHEN your trash can will begin to develop that unbearable stench. The majority of neighborhoods/HOAs require trash cans to be stored inside the garage or close to the home which provides an opportunity for those odors to enter your home or vehicle! In addition to eliminating odor, eradicating harmful bacteria is the second most common reason for having your trash can cleaned. Our trucks use a combination of high pressure and high temperatures that exceed 180 degrees which will kill and eliminate almost all household bacteria.

Are any harmful chemicals used during the cleaning process?

No! For most trash can cleanings, all that is required is high-pressure/high-temperature water and a biodegradable deodorizer. For those trash cans that are extra dirty, our biodegradable degreaser may be used to assist in removing build-up. All water and runoff from the cleaning process is captured and stored on our truck within a grey water tank until it is properly disposed of.

How does it work? 
Please click the link below to see a video of one of our trucks in action.

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Why can't I clean it myself? 
Not only do we have specialized equipment that makes the job quick and easy:
  • We capture all of the dirty/smelly water during the cleaning process!
  • We only use about 4 gal of water per cleaning!
  • Our cleaning process sanitizes and disinfects your trash cans!

How can I get started?
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